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Recycling and Donations

Do you have bikes, parts or accessories that you no longer need?  

Do not throw them away!

Contact us today and we'll pick them up for free at your location *. You can also come and give them directly to the workshop during your next visit. We currently accept all cycling items: bikes, parts, accessories and tools.

To donate a bike to Atelier Recycle, you must show I.D card and provide a valid phone number. A check on the Garage529 platform will be made as well as on the various social networks in order to verify that the bike has not been declared stolen.

We responsibly recycle defective materials in partnership with Eco Consortium, Ferrailleurs and Recyc-Québec.

* We pick up items for free in certain areas of Montreal and the South Shore only. Lasalle, Verdun, Ville-Émard, Westmount, Cote-des-Neige, NDG, Rosemont, Mont-Royal, Downtown, Brossard and Longueuil.  

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