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Repair and restoration services

All bikes deserve a second life! If you love your bike and want to restore it,

no matter it's brand or it's condition, we can help. 

Your bike needs a restoration but you have a small budget? No problem! We have a large inventory of used parts in very good condition to reassemble your bike. This keeps the cost of catering as low as possible and you can continue to drive in complete safety. We make sure to use components equal to or greater than those already installed on your bike.  

Is your bike just in need of a tune-up or a minor repair? We can help you too! The service is offered in less than 48 hours (immediately for flat tire). No appointment is necessary, just come to the store with your bike and we'll call you to pick it up as soon as it leaves the repair shop.  

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Contact Us

7687 Rue Centrale, Montreal, QC H8P 1L7, Canada

Our shop is located in the basement of an optometry. Our entrance is through the back alley between 6th and 7th avenues. A parking space is available next to our rear access door.

You have questions? contact us today!

By phone : (514) 777-9522

by Email :

by internet  : Via Facebook, Instagram, the website Chat or by filling out the contact form below. 

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